Jay A. Blum was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but moved to the sun-kissed shores of South Florida at the age of three.  As an adult, Jay had the privilege to live and work in nineteen countries, five U.S. states, four aircraft carriers, and one Indian Reservation.



Diagnosed with multiple cancers, which ultimately took his thyroid, both of his kidneys and 85% of the sight in both eyes, Jay had to retire from his traveling circus and is now on dialysis.  Now as a card-carrying member of the Georgia Writer’s Association, Non-Fiction Author's Association, National Writers Union and The Author’s Guild, Jay now lives with his wife and son while writing from the comfort of his home in a quaint and small town in Georgia. 



In addition to writing, Jay travels the globe proudly speaking to intimate groups and packed lecture halls about not giving up the fight. About living with cancer. About living without kidneys and the failures and successes of being on dialysis and how to advocate for your rights as a patient and a human being against the medical community.


Jay works with many fine organizations that help him to tell his story and ultimately help others live better lives while dealing with a terminal illness. Jay is a patient advocate for these organizations and helps inform others about how these organizations have helped save his life. 

If you would like to schedule Jay to speak to your organization, dialysis facility, patients or staff. please contact Blind Author Publishing through our CONTACT US section.